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  1. Welcome to (the “eBoutique”), the public, e-commerce eBoutique for Maurice Lacroix North America, a brand of DKSH Luxury & Lifestyle North America, Inc. (“DKSH”) with offices at 9-D Princess Road, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648. The eBoutique is provided as a service to DKSH’s customers and by using this eBoutique you acknowledge this privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”). The Privacy Policy describes DKSH’s policies regarding the collection, use and disclosure of information on or through the eBoutique. By visiting this eBoutique, and/or using the services offered on or through this eBoutique, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy as they may be amended from time to time. If you do not agree with any term in this Privacy Policy, please do not se this eBoutique. As DKSH update and expand DKSH’s services, this Privacy Policy may change so check back to this page from time to time. This Privacy Policy is incorporated into, and part of, the eBoutique Terms and Conditions, which governs your use of this eBoutique.

  2. This Privacy Policy only applies to Personal Information (as defined below) that DKSH collect through this eBoutique and your online interactions with DKSH via email, online forms, or other online communications. This Privacy Policy does not apply to information that you may provide to DKSH, or that DKSH may obtain, other than through this eBoutique, such as in person at one of DKSH’s stores, by phone, through postal mail, through other live and print media or as otherwise described below. DKSH may interact with you on third party sites where DKSH post content or invite your feedback, such as Facebook or Twitter. This Privacy Policy does not cover the privacy policies of these third party websites. You are responsible for viewing and abiding by the privacy policies and terms of use posted on these third party sites.

  3. You may opt in or opt out of DKSH’s sharing of your personal information with third parties for marketing purposes by following the directions in the “Right to Opt In and Opt Out” section below. DKSH does not knowingly collect or use any personally identifiable information from individuals under the age of 18. If DKSH become aware that any such information has been provided or submitted to DKSH, DKSH will delete the information as soon as possible.

  4. Your privacy is important to DKSH. Depending on how you use the eBoutique, DKSH may ask you to share Personal Information with DKSH. “Personal Information” includes, for example, your name; home and/or business address; e-mail address; telephone number; credit card and other payment information; and demographic information and/or other information that may identify you as an individual or allow online or offline contact with you as an individual. DKSH will ask you for information, including some Personal Information, if you use one of several services such as:

  5. Sign up for e-mail: In order to receive DKSH’s e-mail blasts, you need to share your e-mail address. You do not have to sign up for e-mail to browse the eBoutique and make purchases.

  6. Becoming a registered user: In order to register, you need to share some Personal Information, such as your e-mail address. You do not have to be a registered user to browse the eBoutique.

  7. Making a purchase: When you buy something on the eBoutique, you have to supply your name, a billing address, phone number, shipping address, and credit card information. By making a purchase, you become a registered user of the eBoutique. You can choose to store information needed to make a purchase, such as your shipping and billing addresses in the “My Account” section. You can access this section using your registration login and password.

  8. Participate in a sweepstake, promotion, contest or survey: You may be asked to provide Personal Information in order to enter into in a sweepstakes, promotion or contest, or answer a survey, on the eBoutique. If you enter a sweepstakes, promotion or contest, or answer a survey, you will become a registered user (if you aren't one already). DKSH may also ask you for some demographic information, such as your age. If you choose not to answer, you probably will not be able to participate in the sweepstakes, promotion, contest or survey. DKSH may sometimes use a third party application on Facebook or other third party eBoutique to host a sweepstakes, promotion or contest. In those instances, the information you provide will be submitted to the third party and their privacy policy will govern the use and disclosure of the information you submit.

  9. Interactive Services: DKSH may offer several interactive services, such as Ratings & Reviews services. DKSH may offer other interactive services in the future and this Privacy Policy will govern your use of those services. If you want to use any of these interactive services, you will become a registered user (if you aren't one already) and any personal information you submit will become part of your profile, as maintained by DKSH.

  10. DKSH may use “cookies” to keep, and sometimes track, information about you. Cookies are small data files that are stored on your computer’s hard drive and can be used to collect information about where you travel on DKSH’s eBoutique and what you look at and purchase on the eBoutique. They may store the information in your shopping cart, and/or your username and/or password. All of these purposes serve to improve and personalize your experience on DKSH’s eBoutique.

  11. You can control how your browser handles cookies received from websites. You can choose to refuse all cookies, or to be prompted before a cookie is saved to your hard drive, or to only accept cookies from certain websites that you designate. By refusing to accept cookies from DKSH, you may not be able to use some of the features and functionality available on the eBoutique.

  12. DKSH’s server automatically collects data about your server’s Internet address when you visit DKSH. This information, known as an Internet Protocol address, or IP Address, is a number that’s automatically assigned to your computer by your Internet service provider whenever you’re on the Internet. When you request pages from DKSH’s eBoutique, DKSH’s servers may log your IP Address and sometimes your domain name. DKSH’s server may also record the referring page that linked you to DKSH (e.g., another eBoutique or a search engine); the pages you visit on this Website; the eBoutique you visit after this Website; the ads you see and/or click on; other information about the type of Web browser, computer, platform, related software and settings you are using; any search terms you have entered on this eBoutique or a referral site; and other Web usage activity and data logged by DKSH’s Web servers. DKSH use this information for internal system administration, to help diagnose problems with DKSH’s server, and to administer DKSH’s eBoutique. Such information may also be used to gather broad demographic information, such as country of origin and internet service provider. Any or all of these activities with regard to eBoutique usage information may be performed on DKSH’s behalf by DKSH’s services providers.

  13. DKSH may use the services of one or more third party advertising companies. If DKSH do, these third party advertising companies may also collect information from your activities on the eBoutique as well as other sites for the purpose of providing advertisements and other content that is customized to your interests and preferences. This means that DKSH’s ads may appear on participating web sites based upon your browsing activity. To allow DKSH to offer DKSH’s customers streamlined ordering and other useful features, DKSH may use and allow DKSH’s third party advertising companies to use the technologies listed above and other similar technologies.

  14. DKSH may use Google Analytics to collect information about use of this eBoutique. Google Analytics collects information such as how often you visit this eBoutique, what pages you visit when you do so, and what other websites you used prior to coming to this eBoutique. Google Analytics collects only the IP address assigned to you on the date you visit this eBoutique, rather than your name or other identifying information. DKSH do not combine the information collected through the use of Google Analytics with personally identifiable information. Although Google Analytics plants a permanent cookie on your web browser to identify you as a unique user the next time you visit this eBoutique, the cookie cannot be used by anyone but Google. Google’s ability to use and share information collected by Google Analytics about your visits to this eBoutique is restricted by the Google Analytics Terms of Use and the Google Privacy Policy, and DKSH encourage you to read those Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. DKSH reserve the right to use other analytical tools similar to Google Analytics to collect the same types of information described above. You can prevent Google Analytics or other analytical tools from recognizing you on return visits to this eBoutique by disabling cookies on your browser.

  15. You may be visiting DKSH’s eBoutique from your mobile device. Certain mobile service providers uniquely identify mobile devices and DKSH or DKSH’s third-party service providers may receive such information if you access the eBoutique through mobile devices. Some features of the eBoutique may allow for the collection of mobile phone numbers and DKSH may associate that phone number to mobile device identification information. Furthermore, some mobile phone service providers operate systems that pinpoint the physical location of devices that use their service. Depending on the provider, DKSH or DKSH’s third-party service providers may receive this information.

  16. DKSH will use the Personal Information you provide to DKSH’s eBoutique, for example, to respond to your requests, process your orders, and to provide you with DKSH’s product and service offerings. DKSH may also use your Personal Information to maintain DKSH’s internal record keeping and/or share it with DKSH’s affiliates for internal marketing purposes. In addition, DKSH may send you notices (for example, in the form of e-mails, mailings, and the like), and otherwise correspond with you, about products, services, companies and events, sponsored by DKSH and others, that DKSH think might interest you.

  17. You may opt out of receiving such notices from DKSH by following the instructions in the Right to Opt In and Opt Out section below. DKSH may analyze user behavior as a measure of interest in, and use of, DKSH’s eBoutique and e-mails, both on an individual basis and in the aggregate.

  18. DKSH may provide visitors an opportunity to receive offers from other entities including but not limited to DKSH’s affiliates who have services, products and offers that DKSH think might be of interest to you. Unless you elect not to receive such offers by following the instructions in the Right to Opt In and Opt Out section below, DKSH may from time to time provide your Personal Information to these entities so that they may send you these offers. If you change your mind and no longer want DKSH to share your Personal Information with these types of third parties, follow the instructions to opt out in the Right to Opt In and Opt Out section below.

  19. DKSH may use third-party partners to help operate DKSH’s eBoutique and deliver DKSH’s products and services, and may share your information with DKSH’s affiliates, service providers and other third parties that provide products or services for or through this eBoutique or for DKSH’s business (such as eBoutique or database hosting companies, address list hosting companies, data management companies, e-mail service providers, analytics companies, credit card authorization companies, distribution companies, fulfillment companies, sweepstakes management and prize fulfillment, and other similar service providers that use such information on DKSH’s behalf).

  20. DKSH may disclose aggregate statistics regarding user behavior as a measure of interest in, and use of, DKSH’s eBoutique and e-mails to third parties in the form of aggregate data, such as overall patterns or demographic reports that do not describe or identify any individual user.

  21. Information that you give DKSH may be combined with other personally identifiable information from third-party sources to make DKSH’s marketing efforts more efficient and correct or supplement DKSH’s records. Examples of other information DKSH receive from third-party sources include updated delivery and address information, which DKSH use to correct DKSH’s records. DKSH may disclose user information to government authorities, and to other third parties when compelled to do so by government authorities or otherwise as required or permitted by law, including but not limited to in response to court orders and subpoenas. DKSH also may disclose user information when DKSH have reason to believe that someone is causing injury to or interference with DKSH’s rights or property, other users of the eBoutique, or anyone else that could be harmed by such activities. Additionally, DKSH cooperate with law enforcement inquiries and other third parties to enforce laws, intellectual property rights and other rights.

  22. In the event that DKSH is acquired by one or more third parties as a result of an acquisition, merger, sale, reorganization, consolidation or liquidation, or if DKSH sell or otherwise transfer DKSH’s assets or operations, Personal Information may be one of the transferred assets.

  23. While DKSH will take reasonable precautions to protect the security and integrity of Personal Information provided to this eBoutique, due to the inherent nature of the Internet as an open global communications vehicle, DKSH cannot guarantee that information, during transmission through the Internet or while stored on DKSH’s system or otherwise in DKSH’s care, will be absolutely safe from intrusion by others, such as hackers. DKSH maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your personal information. Unfortunately, despite all of DKSH’s efforts, there is always a risk that third parties may unlawfully intercept transmissions. This reality is true of all Internet use. As a result, DKSH cannot ensure the security of any information you transmit, and you transmit all information at your own risk. If you contact DKSH by e-mail or a “contact us” or similar feature on DKSH’s eBoutique, you should be aware that your transmission might not be secure. A third party could view information you send by these methods in transit.

  24. If you choose to become a registered user, you are responsible for maintaining the strict confidentiality of your account password, and you shall be responsible for any access to or use of the eBoutique by you or any person or entity using your password, whether or not such access or use has been authorized by or on behalf of you, and whether or not such person or entity is your employee or agent. You agree to (a) immediately notify DKSH of any unauthorized use of your password or account or any other breach of security, and (b) ensure that you exit from your account at the end of each session. It is your responsibility to control the dissemination and use of your password, control access to and use of your account, and notify DKSH when you desire to cancel your account on this eBoutique. DKSH are not responsible or liable for any loss or damage arising from your failure to comply with this provision.

  25. DKSH will not be liable for disclosure of your information due to errors or unauthorized acts of third parties during or after transmission. DKSH recommend that you change your password every three months. If you are using a public computer (e.g. at a library), or a shared computer, DKSH urge you to log out of your account and DKSH’s eBoutique altogether, and quit the browser application before you leave the computer. This will help prevent others from accessing your account and any personal information.

  26. In the unlikely event that DKSH believe that the security of your Personal Information in DKSH’s possession or control may have been compromised, DKSH may seek to notify you of that development. If a notification is appropriate, DKSH would endeavor to do so as promptly as possible under the circumstances, and, to the extent DKSH have your e-mail address DKSH may notify you by e-mail. You consent to DKSH’s use of e-mail as a means of such notification.

  27. By providing Personal Information to this eBoutique, you understand and consent to the collection, maintenance, processing and transfer of such information in and to the United States and other countries and territories.

  28. You may have the right to “opt in” and “opt out” of certain of DKSH’s uses of your Personal Information. For example, at the time you are requested to provide Personal Information on this eBoutique, you may have the opportunity to elect to, or not to: (1) receive promotional correspondence from DKSH, or (2) have your Personal Information shared with other entities for their marketing purposes. You may also make this request by visiting the “Your Account” Web page.

  29. Please understand that if you opt out of receiving promotional correspondence from DKSH, DKSH may still contact you in connection with your relationship, activities, transactions and communications with DKSH. Also, a request to have DKSH stop sharing your Personal Information with other entities for marketing purposes will only apply as of the date of your request, and DKSH will not be responsible for any communications that you may receive from entities that received your Personal Information prior to such request. In these cases, please contact that entity directly.

  30. Links on this eBoutique to any third-party eBoutique (“Linked Site”) is provided solely as a convenience to you. If you use these links, you will leave this eBoutique. DKSH are not obligated to review any Linked Site, do not control such Linked Sites, and are not responsible for any such Linked Sites (or the products, services, or content available through such site). DKSH do not endorse or make any representations about any Linked Site, any information, software, products, services, or materials found there or any results that may be obtained from using such Linked Site. If you decide to access any Linked Site, you do so entirely at your own risk. The Linked Site may contain its own privacy policy and terms of use governing the collection and use of your information, and DKSH are not responsible for the use of any information you submit to the Linked Sites. You are responsible for viewing and abiding by the privacy policies and terms of use posted on any Linked Site.

  31. DKSH reserves the right to change or update this Privacy Policy, or any other of DKSH’s policies or practices, at any time, and will notify users of this eBoutique by posting such changed or updated Privacy Policy on this page. Any changes or updates will be effective immediately upon posting to this eBoutique. Under certain circumstances, DKSH may also elect to notify you of changes or updates to DKSH’s Privacy Policy by other means, such as posting a notice on the front page of DKSH’s eBoutique or by sending you an e-mail.

  32. If you have any questions or comments regarding DKSH’s privacy practices, you may contact us at

  33. DKSH Luxury & Lifestyle North America Inc.
    9-D Princess Road
    Lawrenceville, NJ 08648
    609 750 8800

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